While Three Sisters wines celebrate “the sense of place” (as our French brethren call it) our wines reflect our family’s many hours of dedication, character and personality. Building upon the French concept of  “terrior,” we believe wines are more than just soil, climate and farming techniques.  We believe our "people" make the difference. Three Sisters Vineyards has developed certain wine styles and flavor profiles. We work hard to co-exist with each vintage Mother Nature sets.  And every vintage is different. Lots of curve balls.  That’s the fun and challenge of  “terrior.” 

Winemaking is headed by Hezzie Patrick. Grape growing is headed by Ken VanDusen. It is our belief that the best wine is made by consensus.  Fine wine is produced by the efforts of everyone from the vineyard workers that help cultivate the grapes to the family blending trials in the winery.  Three Sisters even incorporates visitor’s tasting opinions into our decision making. Come visit us and sample the unique East Coast wines of Three Sisters Vineyards in North Georgia.

Three Sisters Winemaking Team